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Abyssal Technology & Societal Relevance

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The compelling scientific questions to be addressed at abyssal ocean depths will require a combination of familiar and specialized technology and operational concepts. Traditional submersibles, novel landers, improved housings, collection devices, and sensors are among the technologies that will be needed to meet the unique opportunities in abyssal scientific research. The questions to be addressed offer opportunities to meet significant societal challenges. The deep ocean is increasingly recognized as an important component of the global climate system. In addition, it is hypothesized to be particularly sensitive to environmental disruption, both natural and anthropogenic, given the low metabolic rates for life and the relative long-term stability of the region. This workshop will discuss the technologies and approaches that are needed to make progress on our fundamental knowledge of abyssal processes and the relevance of that knowledge to pressing societal challenges.

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Pre-Workshop Materials

Peter Girguis, Harvard

Bruce Strickrott, WHOI

Beth Orcutt
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences

Diva Amon
London Natural History Museum