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Scientific Equipment Interfaces

Digital:RS232 standard ports available (300 through 115,200 Baud)
Power:12, 24 and 48 VDC switched circuits available, custom voltages upon request
Data:Instruments can be synced to precision clock (e.g. all the main computer stack, imaging stack, multibeam, sidescan, PHINS gyro are synced)

** Potentially able to accommodate other digital/power formats and/or quantities.

All science gear connections must be worked out during the pre-cruise process. Please contact

Project-specific sensors interfaced to Sentry by PIs during previous cruises

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  • DeepSea Power & Light camera and LEDs - MISO Facility, WHOI, USA
  • Eh electrode (redox sensor) - Dr. Koichi Nakamura, Japan
  • SUspended Particulate Rosette (SUPR) Biological Sampler - Dr. Chip Breier, WHOI, USA
  • Sensor for Aqueous Gases in the Environment (SAGE) methane sensor - Dr. Anna Michel and Jason Kapit, WHOI, USA
  • Sentry Precision Robotic Impeller Driven Sampler (SyPRID), Large volume, high-resolution, autonomous, deep ocean precision Plankton Sampler
  • TETHYS (in situ mass spectrometer) - Dr. Rich Camilli, WHOI, USA