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ROV Jason

Scientists Head to Sea to Explore Subseafloor Life

Earth’s largest aquifer flows beneath the seafloor, through the rocky upper layer of ocean crust. Together with the sediment that rains down from the ocean above, this vast system is called the marine deep biosphere. It covers the entire seafloor – 70 percent of the planet’s surface. This extreme environment is home to unusual, slow-growing…

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ROV JASON expedition at Hikurangi Subduction Zone

Current ROV JASON expedition is highlighted by Dr. Clair McKinley (Univ. Washington) on her blog posted in The Eastcoastlab. The science mission is to understand the seismogenesis of a subduction zone, represented by Hikurangi Subduction Zone. “There are several unique things about the Hikurangi subduction zone that make it a great place to examine earthquake…

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ROV Jason dives at Lost City – Bringing to a close

Amazing perseverance of the science team, lead by Chief Scientist Professor Susan Lang (Univ. South Carolina), to conclude the #LostCity 2018 cruise on R/V Atlantis despite of the challenging weather conditions in the mid-North Atlantic. This expedition successfully conducted water sampling from the vent system using a novel sample tool, HOG sampler designed and built…

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Italian pop sci magazine features: #LostCity2018 expedition with ROV Jason

Per questo l’8 settembre 2018, un gruppo di 22 oceanografi, microbiologi e geologi di vari istituti di ricerca si è di nuovo recato, dopo una lunga pausa (“Return to The Lost City”), sopra alla metropoli sommersa scoperta nel 2000, per cercare di conoscere un po’ meglio i suoi abitanti. Il #ROVJason, operato da #NDSF_WHOI, un…

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ROV Jason is ready to reveal the microbial mysteries of Lost City!

ROV Jason is completing mobilization effort at its home port Woods Hole this afternoon. The cruise AT42-01 on R/V Atlantis has a science mission to reveal microbiology ecosystem that is hosted by Lost City hydrothermal field. This effort is  lead by Dr. Susan Lang of University of South Carolina and Dr. Billy Brazelton of University…

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