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Systems and Sensors

Acoustic Sensors


  • Sonardyne RangerPro USBL Navigation
  • 7 - 12 kHz, vehicle powered or battery operated for emergency location
  • RDI Doppler Velocity Log 1200 kHz with 30m bottom lock range or 300 kHz with 100m bottom lock range

Used for closed-loop controlled dynamic positioning

  • Reson SeaBat 7125 Multi-Beam Sonar

Vehicle Sensors

Attitude and Heading:

  • Fiber optic north-seeking gyro Pressure Sensor: Paroscientific


  • 300 kHz, 100 meter (328 feet) range, and 1200 kHz, 30 meter (98.4 feet) range


4K UHD Still camera and Mini Zues HD Video cameras with file-based data storage system

Standard  camera Configuration:

  • Scientist’s pan & tilt: Mini- Zues HD camera, 4K UHD Still camera
  • Pilot’s pan & tilt: Mini Zues HD camera
  • Light bar: pan and tilt with Mini Zues HD camera
  • Utility Color camera: Manipulators, Basket, Aft Looking, Down Looking


Sixteen 17,700 Lumen LED lights, providing over 283K Lumens Two 250 watt Incandescent

Manipulators/Sampling (see also Sampling Equipment)

Schilling Titan 4:

Elevator Sampler - mission configurable

Scientific Equipment Interfaces

ROV Jason can accommodate wide variety of user-supplied equipment.

All science gear connections (and pressure certification where necessary) must be worked out during the pre-cruise process.

Please contact:


Digital: Minimum four RS-232 (up to 115kbaud). One Ethernet (10/100).
Power: Multiple 24 and one 240Vdc switched circuits.
Video:  One composite analog.

** Potentially able to accommodate other digital/video/power formats and/or quantities.


Digital: Multiple RS-232 (up to 115kbaud). One Ethernet (10/100)
Power:  Multiple 24 and one 240Vdc switched circuits.
Video: One composite analog.