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ROV Jason Cruise Planning


  • Make a Cruise Plan for Jason
    Submitting a cruise plan well in advance is essential to planning a successful dive.
  • Submit a Cruise Planning Questionnaire
    The cruise-planning questionnaire begins the process of cruise planning. It is used to ensure that the scientific equipment you need for your cruise is aboard and functioning properly and also to communicate your cruise plan to the ship.
  • Jason/Medea Support Vessel Requirements


During the Cruise

At Sea Policies & Procedures

Important policies and procedures that should be followed at sea are listed here.

  • At-Sea Personnel Requirements
    A list of the personnel required to deploy Jason/Medea and their responsibilities.
  • Responsibilities
    A successful ROV cruise relies on a healthy interaction between the Chief Scientist, ROV Expedition Leader and the Master of the support ship.

Post Cruise

Please fill out and submit ROV Jason specific Post Cruise Assessment Form (PCAR) via UNOLS page.