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Rachel Smith, the head of astronomy/astrophysics lab talks about her HOV Alvin dive

Dr. Rachel Smith, an astronomer, a professor, and the head of Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Laboratory at the North Carolina Museum of the Natural Sciences, shares her #HOVAlvin dive experience in her Motherboard interview article. Her astronomer’s eyes witness: “First of all, getting into Alvin, it seemed like a spaceship to me……You’re moving through an environment that no one has ever seen, which is awesome to me as an explorer—scientists are explorers—and I just felt like this could be Europa someday. This could be the experience of being in an alien world, and just exploring. I felt like it was one of the closest ways to being in space as you could get, and yet you are going the other direction.” (from Sept. 20th 2018 in Motherboard)

#HOVAlvin is operated by #NDSF_WHOI

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