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From deep space to the deep sea

Andy Klesh smiles as he climbs out of Alvin after a successful dive on August 13, 2022. Photo by Marley Parker © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Guest post by Andrew Klesh, engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “Exploring the unknown requires creativity, daring, and determination,” Klesh writes in the Alvin Science Verification Blog. “Space and ocean explorers are learning from each other to advance exploration.”

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The “Mini boat” was launched for global outreach projects during the AUV Sentry cruise in Indian Ocean!

Students at Sacred Heart School students, under the direction of Clair Lombardo, chair of the Science Department, are putting the final touches on Sacred Heart’s first school-built mini-boat research vessel, “Sacred Heart Star of the Sea,” for eventual launch in the Indian Ocean. Let’s monitor where the Miniboat is sailing right now!!! Read more on…

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