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HOV Alvin continues making deep seafloor direct observations within our reach

Since the #HOVAlvin marked the 5000th dive milestone, there has been the extensive media coverage celebrating this remarkable achievement. Read more at various news sites!


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Now, with this great tailwind, the R/V Atlantis AT42-06 cruise has set sail for another science expedition – this effort is lead by Professor Patricia Gregg of The Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and investigate the East Pacific Rise 9N site using HOV Alvin and AUV Sentry. This expedition includes the NSF-funded Early Career Scientists training program, with which 11 early career scientist participants onboard the R/V Atlantis and 22 shore-based early career scientist participants with various oceanography expertise will take a lead on planning and execution of some of the science projects using HOV Alvin and AUV Sentry dives. The progress of this cruise will be posted at UNOLS website soon >> visit here.