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ROV Jason dives at Lost City – Bringing to a close

Amazing perseverance of the science team, lead by Chief Scientist Professor Susan Lang (Univ. South Carolina), to conclude the #LostCity 2018 cruise on R/V Atlantis despite of the challenging weather conditions in the mid-North Atlantic. This expedition successfully conducted water sampling from the vent system using a novel sample tool, HOG sampler designed and built by Professor Lang (see the front image).

Some numbers related to the #ROVJason dives from the Expedition (from their cruise blog by Professor William Brazelton, Univ. Utah ):

6 ROV Jason dives

99 hours of Jason on the seafloor

90 hours of high definition video from the seafloor

188 samples of water and chimney material from Lost City

>2000 analytical subsamples to be shipped home for laboratory analyses, including:

  • organic chemistry
  • aqueous chemistry
  • gas chemistry
  • mineralogy
  • microscopy
  • microbial DNA/RNA sequencing and counts
  • viral DNA sequencing and counts
  • microbiology experiments

LostCity2018 cruise is supported by @NSF_GEO, NASA Astrobiology Institute, C-DEBI, Deep Carbon Observatory, Univ. South Carolina, Univ. Utah, Univ. Washington, and ETH-Zurich