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San Diego Open House!

On December 23rd, #NSF_funded Early Career Scientist Training cruise crossed finish line at The R/V Atlantis, #NDSF_WHOI #HOVAlvin, and #AUVSentry San Diego open house event.

A moment of “joie de vivre” in oceanography community: Dr. Ross Parnell-Turner (right), an Early Career Chief Scientist in training from the AT 42-06 cruise and a recently appointed professor at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and Justin Fujii (middle), an Expedition Leader in training and lead mechanical engineer for AUV Sentry program of NDSF, WHOI, discussing with Professor Walter Munk of Scripps Institute of Oceanography (Left) about 3D modeled high-resolution seafloor bathymetry data and the state-of-art AUV Sentry technology.

This effort is funded by @NSF_GEO, ONR, and NOAA.