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New Chief Scientist for National Deep Submergence Facility

Anna Michele on deck R/V Falkor

Anna Michel aboard the R/V Falkor for the Hunting Bubbles Cruise to the Cascadia Margin in 2018. The ROV SuBastian was used to investigate the transfer of methane from the seafloor using a suite of novel deep sea instrumentation. Image credit: Kevin McHugh, Schmidt Ocean Institute

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), a world leader in ocean exploration, discovery and education, has named a new Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence (CSDS) for its National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF). Dr. Anna Michel, an associate scientist in the Department of Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering, will be the first woman to serve in this high-profile role effective July 1, 2021. Read more.