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Science enabled by NDSF vehicles at Ocean Sciences

Ocean Science Meeting 2022 LogoLearn how data collected from NDSF vehicles is moving science forward. Here are some talks featuring our vehicles at the upcoming 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting. 

28 February

CT06 02
12:45pm: C-spec: a deep sea laser spectrometer for measuring the carbon system (dic and pco2), Beckett Colson, MIT-WHOI Joint Program #ROVJason

1 March

DS07 02
10am: Gas sensing in the deep ocean: advancing our ability to chemically explore, Anna Michel, Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution #ROVJason #AUVSentry

2 March

DS07 03
9:00am: Automated target detection and classification of a wide-area ocean dump site surveyed by unmanned underwater vehicles, Sophia Merrifield, Scripps Institution of Oceanography #ROVJason #AUVSentry

DS08 01
3:30pm: Investigating seafloor venting at the Southern East Pacific Rise using the Sentry AUV, Chris German, WHOI and co-authors #AUVSentry

3:40pm: Plume Raiders—exploring dimensions of submarine volcanism and understanding how it impacts ocean chemistry and productivity, Joseph Resing, University of Washington #AUVSentry

DS07 05
2:40pm: Autonomous experimental design and decision-making for mapping deep sea hydrothermal plumes, Genevieve Elaine Flaspohler, MIT-WHOI Joint Program Student #ROVJason #AUVSentry

2:45pm: Iterative bayesian methods for deep sea hydrothermal plume mapping with autonomous underwater vehicles, Victoria Preston, MIT-WHOI Joint Program Student #ROVJason #AUVSentry

ME11 02
3:45pm: Habitat suitability modeling of deep sea scleractinian coral reefs in the north pacific, Mauricio Silva, Florida State University #AUVSentry

4 March 

9:10am: Importance of chemosynthetic primary production to a recently discovered methane seep coral from the pacific Costa Rican margin, April Stabbins, Temple University #AUVSentry

Talks in this listing mentioned an NDSF vehicle in their OceanSciences abstract, if you are giving a talk that uses data from Alvin, Jason, or Sentry and you don’t see it on this list please email the link to and we will add it.