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Two Duke Scientists Go To Sea with HOV Alvin

For two weeks last summer, a pair of marine scientists joined the venerated submarine to explore the ocean shelf off Massachusetts. This website from Duke University details the experiences of Cindy Van Dover and Laura Bagge aboard the research vessel Atlantis and the human occupied submersible Alvin. Read their story »

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NDSF vehicles reveal what happened to the El Faro

From the Cape Cod Times: The National Transportation Safety Board found the ship’s wreckage a few weeks after the sinking. In April 2016, with the help of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, it located the voyage data recorder, a device roughly the size of a basketball, in a 13.5-square-mile debris field. WHOI used two unmanned…

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NDSF engineer O’Hara Selected for NASA Astronaut Program

Marine Technology News: NASA’s most recent class of astronauts was introduced June 7, 2017 at Johnson Space Flight Center. Among the group of 12 astronaut candidates is Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) research engineer Loral O’Hara, selected from NASA’s largest ever applicant pool of more than 18,300. She came to WHOI in 2009, initially as an…

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