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Permission to dive!

Alvin lowered into the water off Atlantis, swimmers on top

On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, human occupied vehicle Alvin submerged for the first time since returning to port for repairs in the fall.  This was a tethered wet test, an opportunity to make sure the sub is ready for diving at sea. “We go through all the systems and make sure they are working,” said…

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Welcome aboard, Alvin!

Alvin on a crane being loaded onto R/V Atlantis

Human Occupied Vehicle Alvin is getting ready to set sail on R/V Atlantis in July to resume work to certify the sub’s new maximum dive rating of 6,500 meters (4 miles). Watch the livestream of the vehicle loading here. We’ll keep you updated as the trip unfolds with regular blog posts and pictures.

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Exploring the Escanaba Trough with Jason and Sentry

The ROV Jason team on a joint Jason and Sentry expedition to explore the Escanaba Trough in June 2022. Pictured: (L-R standing) Ben Tradd, James Pelowski, Gianna Conroy, Gabrielle Inglis, Chris Judge, Scott McCue, (L-R seated, knee) Megan Bachant, Peter Hall, Amanda Sutherland, and Mario Fernandez. The Escanaba Trough is about 200 miles off the…

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Science enabled by NDSF vehicles at Ocean Sciences

Ocean Science Meeting 2022 Logo

Learn how data collected from NDSF vehicles is moving science forward. Here are some talks featuring our vehicles at the upcoming 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting.  28 February CT06 02 12:45pm: C-spec: a deep sea laser spectrometer for measuring the carbon system (dic and pco2), Beckett Colson, MIT-WHOI Joint Program #ROVJason 1 March DS07 02 10am:…

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A hybrid Sentry cruise

People in a conference room talking to people on zoom, ocean floor imagery and people's faces on zoom.

Photo by Chris German, ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution WHOI geochemist Chris German helped organize virtual planning sessions recently for AUV Sentry dives during the third of three expeditions to study seismicity along the Gofar transform fault in the eastern Pacific. Joining German, who is a co-principal investigator of the 4CAST GOFAR project, in WHOI’s AVAST…

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After a successful five to 1,500 meters, Alvin begins a transit south to continue test dives closer to Puerto Rico.

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