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Jason helps recover two other underwater vehicles

September 4, 2021
Control van for ROV Jason.

Ocean Exploration Trust’s ROV Hercules and Argus were stranded on the seafloor last week, but were recovered thanks to cooperation from several ocean science and exploration institutions. Read how ROV Jason helped with the recovery. 

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ON&T: Exploring the undiscovered country: the deep ocean

August 21, 2021
Alvin on deck at sunset

How the National Deep Submergence Facility’s fleet—HOV Alvin, ROV Jason, and AUV Sentry—provides essential equipment for reaching the deep ocean, enabling important science to be conducted, and making discoveries. Read…

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MIT News: Designing exploratory robots that collect data for marine scientists

July 20, 2021
Portrait of Victoria Preston

MIT-WHOI joint program student Victoria Preston on planning optimal sampling trajectories for ocean robots and an upcoming cruise working with NDSF vehicles AUV Sentry and ROV Jason. “Overall, I see robots…

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Alvin: Pioneer of the Deep

July 9, 2021

A co-production of WHOI and WPBT2/South Florida PBS in Miami, this episode of the award-winning program Changing Seas takes a close-up look at Alvin and the extraordinary places it has…

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Exploring Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents at 9°50’N EPR with ROV Jason and AUV Sentry

June 28, 2021
In the Jason van during an expedition.

Watch at sea footage from Cruise RR2102 to: 9°50’N EPR with ROV Jason and AUV Sentry. On deck videography by Lauren Dykman, underwater video from NDSF and Dan Fonari/MISO.

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National Geographic UK: He found the Titanic, but for Robert Ballard the search never ends

June 25, 2021

“Ballard doesn’t let setbacks—or anything else really—slow him down. But after 157 expeditions, the man who introduced the public to deepwater exploration is taking stock. This spring he’s publishing a…

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New Chief Scientist for National Deep Submergence Facility

June 21, 2021
Anna Michele on deck R/V Falkor

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), a world leader in ocean exploration, discovery and education, has named a new Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence (CSDS) for its National Deep Submergence Facility…

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LA Times: Bob Ballard–the story behind the man who found the Titanic

June 14, 2021
Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the Titanic, at his home in Connecticut. (National Geographic / James "Jim" Ball)

Read a profile about former NDSF Director and WHOI Emeritus Research Scholar Bob Ballard in the LA Times.

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Launching NDSF News

June 9, 2021

NDSF just published the first edition of  a quarterly newsletter for the deep-submergence community to share regular updates about the Facility’s people, projects, and vehicles.  We’ll feature updates from the…

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Jason and Sentry on the Seep Larval Dispersal Project

June 5, 2021
Sentry on Seep Larval Dispersal

Follow Jason and Sentry down the U.S. East Coast on the Seep Animal Larval Transport project aboard research vessel Thomas G. Thompson as they travel down the U.S. East Coast and…

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