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Open water

John Dymek and Rose Wall load a predetermined number of dive weights onto Alvin—something that can only be done once the sub is partly rolled out of its hangar. (Photo by Ken Kostel, ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) New Chief Engineer Sean Holmes watches the procedure for putting Alvin in the water from the ship’s Dog…

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Doomed to succeed

A long day’s dive made for a dramatic nighttime recovery. (Photo by Ken Kostel, ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Alvin completes incline test, paving the way for open ocean dives. How simulated dives debug Alvin’s software before actual dives take place.

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First dive

Alvin’s first post-overhaul dive. (Photo by Ken Kostel, ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Alvin finishes in-water tests of electrical and mechanical systems and dives briefly to test the variable ballast system.

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Rough seas ahead

Atlantis and Alvin departing Woods Hole

Atlantis left Woods Hole around 2:45 yesterday with a storm building across our path to Bermuda, so we’ve taken a westerly course parallel to the coast with plans to turn 90 degrees left this afternoon and make a beeline across the Gulf Stream. That should allow us to miss the worst of what was in…

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To sea—without leaving the dock

Alvin pilot Danik Forsman (right) was joined by pilots-in-training Nick Osadcia and Kaitlyn Beardshear for a simulated dive on emergency air during the sub’s ongoing sea trials. (Photo by Ken Kostel © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) Atlantis hasn’t left the dock in Woods Hole yet and Alvin hasn’t touched the water since the completion of…

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